Sandro Garrubbo is Social media manager and digital strategist of the Salinas Museum, Palermo

1. Why did your institution registered for MuseumWeek?

The Museum Salinas has participated in MuseumWeeks until its very beginning, in 2014. We are, so to speak, real fans of this recurrent event, which is an extraordinary opportunity to bring our Museum in contact with the large amount of people using Tweeter.  The experiences in the last three years let me verify the effectiveness of this formula: after each

MuseumWeek the number of our followers increases around 250, especially foreign people. Besides this, a contest among cultural institutions all around the world is always a very stimulating moment for creativity and innovation!

2. Who are the female artists from your country that you would like to be known by general audience?

Firstly, let me remark that we are an archaeological museum, so when I suggest a female artist in my field I’m mainly referring to women who use art to re-interpret and communicate archaeological collections but also experiences connected to archaeology.