Laurence de Valmy is a French artist currently living in Philadelphia, USA. Her paintings are inspired by Instagram iconography, her paintings entitled “Post” refer to the masterpieces of art history.


1. Why are you participating to the #MuseumWeek?

Social networks are a great and powerful tool for sharing information. Using this tool in the service of culture seems to me an excellent opportunity for any institution or individual involved in the subject! Personally, I am a fan of museums, art history and fascinated by the fact that we are nowadays, all easily connected. 

This led me to create my series of POST paintings that are imaginary Instagram posts from the past of major artists. Through these paintings, I share the personal stories of the artists behind iconic artworks in order to look at them with a fresh eye. It is also a reflection on the place of Instagram for visual artists today and the fact that art is more often seen through a screen than in real life. Overall, I believe this is positive and makes culture more accessible. So I’m very fond of the #museumweek initiative.


2. What are the social accounts of cultural institutions and / or author / creator that you recommend to follow?

The magic of the internet and networks is to make information available and to connect people. It is possible to meet and follow an artist living thousands of miles away or get to know someone close to you: it’s magic ! I am therefore following a lot of accounts on IG / FB or newsletter. Here are some of my favorites by subject:

– photos and information about exhibitions: @Laurencsglazer @girlseesart @julie_hur
– information about women artists of the past and present @repainthistory @thecreativechronicle@gallerygurls
– coach tips for artists & more @sergiogomezprojects 
– galleries @levygorvy and those representing me Azart Gallery  Kahn Gallery Michele Mariaud GalleryRange of Arts Gallery

– Newsletters: artnews / artsy / cultbytes
– my friends artists: MB McAllister Carole Jury Agathe Button

>The website of Laurence de Valmy :