Antonella Cucciniello, Director of the Museum Complex of Calabria

1.Why are you personally on social media?

Why not being one would be tantamount to expressing little interest in contemporary languages​​… Those who professionally produce and encourage culture cannot afford it! To this I would add an innate passion for technology, especially when it proves capable of building intangible infrastructure.

2.Why did your museum register for #MuseumWeek?

I encouraged the registration of the institution that I currently manage, the Calabria Museum Complex, because I believe in the sixteen museums that compose it, in spite of the splendid collections and the charm of the places, in debt of reputation and relevance, and not only in network…

3.Tell us about your experience during past editions of #MuseumWeek.

They have always been exciting experiences, starting from the first organized as director of the Royal Palace of Napoli, to the last coordinated as director of the Calabria Museum Complex. Net of the immense value that I attribute to the dialogue that ignites between institutions for a week, I hold ‘my’ #MuseumWeek dear in my heart because they have proven to be an exceptional team building tool: the collective construction of a credible digital profile is a walk hand in hand with that of an increasingly motivated and close-knit team!

4.Which is the most suitable social network for your communication?

Twitter, for a generational question, I think… even if now my active presence in a personal capacity is very limited.

5.If you had to keep one social media platform to reach youngsters, which one would you pick?

At the moment I would say Instagram, but reaching young people implies a great attention to changes, so never fossilize!

6. Do you have a professional alter-ego somewhere in the world to whom you would like to ask a professional question?

My museums are mainly of an archaeological nature, among the most fascinating in Magna Grecia. More than asking questions, I would like to ‘ignite’ a dialogue aimed at mutual enrichment, also in terms of management and communication, with Greek colleagues.

Interview by Fabio Pariante, journalist


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Antonella Cucciniello is the Director of the Museum Complex of Calabria, a peripheral institute of the MiBACT, consisting of 16 state museums distributed on the regional perimeter.