Beatrice Merz, President of The Merz Foundation. Photography © Andrea Guermani

1.What is your museum about and what are its challenges?

The Merz Foundation deals with contemporary art, it was born with the idea of building a house for art. A home for artists. A place of research, study, design and sharing, and the space where the Foundation is hosted is a former thermal power plant.

Not being a space born for art, the artists invited to exhibit challenge themselves and this is also our challenge. From the courage of the artists to get involved, very particular exhibition projects are born. The Foundation wants to play its own role today, that of an energy power station of art, leaving its borders, expanding into human, cultural and geographical territories, from a simple exhibition or conservation place, it has turned into a complex creative platform.

2.What kind of remarkable digital innovation would you like to share with us? It can be online and/or in your physical space.

Innovation must not be limited to an online space, it is more a dynamic project. It is a means of experimentation and the constitutive elements of the contemporary museum are connected to its logic of openness, both outwardly and in receptive and participatory terms.