Gladys Vercammen-Grandjean from Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium runs the social media (@FineArtsBelgium on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) amongst other numerous communication tasks.

1. Why are you personally on social media?

For me, it’s mainly about 1. keeping up to date with my international friends 2. keeping track of my book club shenanigans 3. knowing what’s happening on a cultural level in my town and 4. giggling at (art) memes. I try to turn off social media once in a while though, as I don’t feel every aspect of life needs to be digitally documented. There’s something quite refreshing about gazing directly at something instead of through a lens.

2. Why did your museum register for MuseumWeek?

We’ve registered ever since I started working for the Museums and wanted them to have a wider social media presence. What I especially appreciate in MuseumWeek is its sense of humour and the comladery between the institutions. But mainly, it’s all about the interaction with our followers and visitors.