NeSpoon, artist from Poland. Photo © Courtesy of the artist

1.Tell us what you do and your beginnings.

I have been painting since I can remember, since kindergarten. I wanted to be a “real artist” at the age of 5, when other girls dreamed of being princesses or fairies. However, I only started to do art on the streets in 2009 and it was kind of rebirth. Before that, I painted dark, sad oil paintings. At one point I found it to be a dead end. I had a two-year break and then I started learning about ceramics.

It was ceramic objects with lacy motiffs that were the first works I placed on the street. A graffiti, murals and installations appeared in the following two years.

Alençon, France © NeSpoon

Sometimes, I also comment in my art social and political issues that I consider important, but these projects are not as easy in perception as lacy street art. I show them mainly in art galleries so they are not as popular.