Ekaterina Volkova — Head of PR at the State Museum of the History of Religion in St Petersburg.

1. Why do you personally use social media?

I mainly use Vkontakte (Russian most popular and numerous social media), Facebook and Twitter in my daily life and work. Within the context of current IT development and information sharing speed, social media is the most important and useful tool for communication with my friends and business partners as well. Social media is the fastest way to inform people about breaking news and plans changing, fix a day for business appointment, make or support a project, look through current events guide and make a registration on a conference or seminar. Social media is also the essential service for communication with friends and colleagues, who are living or working abroad. Facebook has also recently launched ‘Safety Check on Facebook’ and other useful apps and services.

2. Why you museum will take part in #MuseumWeek?

The State Museum of the History of Religion is a permanent participants of #MuseumWeek. It’s very important to be involved in one of the most influential international project focused on a museum and share our collections and programs with the international museum community. It’s a really good start for international cooperation with the same museums all over the world. Specially invented tags of the days unveil the hidden treasures of the museum collections. For me #MuseumWeek  is a platform for international museum activity development and “fascination” of the of future visitors.