Patty Carvalho – Social Media at Sao Paulo State Secretariat of Culture
(@culturasp on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Spotify)

1. Why are you personally on social media?

Basically, keeping in touch with my friends and family (I’m from Rio “Cidade Maravilhosa” de Janeiro, but live in Sao Paulo), newsfeed – so I can see what’s going on in Brazil and in the world, and for memes and cute cats video – BEST PART FOR SURE! 😀

2. Why did your museum register for MuseumWeek?

Actually, I work at Sao Paulo State Secretariat of Culture, and we have 19 museums with different subjects in Sao Paulo. We all joined Museum Week a few years ago. It’s a great opportunity to start a conversation with institutions that are all over the world, and talk with our fans and visitors aswell. Besides, it helps us to keeping our profiles on social media updated and with fresh, modern and global spirit. We are happy to be part of it one more year.