Olga Kudinova is a develoment manager at AIS “Unified Information Space in the field of culture” (personal account on the portal Culture.RF).

1. Why do you support the #MuseumWeek?

Culture.RF acts as an information partner of the campaign for the third year. It is important for us to help disseminate information about the campaign, as it is a unique opportunity to support actively the interaction of Russian cultural institutions with a wide audience of social networks. On the one hand, on the pages of the portal and in the communities, we tell readers about the event, publish articles, photo reports and reviews. On the other hand, using AIS “Unified Information Space in the field of culture” (personal account on the portal Culture.RF) we help employees prepare for the action.

2. What support from the AIS UISFC (personal account on the portal Culture.RF) do you get?

Employees of institutions that have an account on the portal, get information about the importance of the network action. For them, it is an occasion to get acquainted with the experience of other institutions, learn new things, find like-minded people and expand their audience. It is very important that we all act as a single cultural community, and such actions make it possible to feel it.

I would like to note that all cultural institutions – museums, galleries, cultural centers, libraries and other cultural institutions can take part in #MuseumWeek. To prepare for the action, we have released a training material and invited the curator of the event in Russia, Anna Mikhailova, to hold a webinar and share experience. How to communicate with the audience, what to talk about, what features and trends of social networks can be used – all aspects of the organization were discussed. Hope this will help users make a decision to participate and to make the event interesting and well-organized.

3. What are the prospects of using digital technologies in Russia in the nearest future?

In any sphere, the main thing is people. Each of us is not an observer, but a participant of technological progress. It is up to us which perspectives we will have in the nearest future. I oversee educational activities in the sphere of promotion in social networks and I see activity and sincere interest in the desire to develop that share both largest and smallest cultural institutions. Someone makes modest steps, someone already looks far into the future. The main thing is to keep moving!

The online billboard of the portal Culture.RF from the beginning of 2018 hosts more than 40 000 events from cultural institutions. This information gives a person anywhere in the country an opportunity to find an activity to his or her liking, and helps the institutions attract new visitors.

UISFC users have an opportunity to do mass mailing and create widgets for websites for free. The representation of institutions in social networks is also important. Especially for professionals working in the field of culture, in the nearest future we will release a manual, which contains recommendations for moderating communities.

Translated by Veronika Millina