Elisa Insua, visual artist, working and living in Buenos Aires. Photography © Luisana Bertorelli / Art Director, Elisa Rodriguez C.

1.Could you introduce yourself and the purpose of your artistic work?

I am a visual artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I work with discarded materials creating large assemblage-collages, sculptures, and installations. Combining my background in Economics and Business with my artistic practice, my work reflects upon consumerism, capitalism, ecology, and human insatiability.

It is my dream that my work can create enough awareness to drive single-use plastics to extinction and to help promote a more ethical and responsible form of capitalism.

2.How important are social networks in your work?

Social networks are crucial for my practice mainly because the public completes my work and is fundamental to spread the ideas, reflections, questions, and concepts posed in my creations. Besides, as my work is made up of all sorts of discarded objects donated by households and companies, my followers, friends, and family and like-minded businesses become cornerstones of my practice.